Sunday, July 6, 2014

The American Girl Day

Today was American Girl Doll day. This story involves Yorkdale shopping center, Isabelle the doll of the year, Isabelle's kitty cat Tutu, Isabelle's new outfit with a matching one for her Mama Zoë, a new outfit for Itty Bitty (fortunately unfortunately they didn't have the girl's outfit to match Itty Bitty), a Princess book for Itty - as she was only getting one thing and a crafty t-shirt project. Luckily the only thing in the Disney store was a "Doc McStuffins" (don't ask) lunch box. Whew!

The moments of being 4 AND A HALF....are all too fleeting. Why not indulge now?? We are having such a wonderful time this summer!


  1. Zoë looks SO happy!! Enjoy their visit.

  2. Happiness is being a grandparent, and no one does it better than you ma soeur. How lovely to see Zoë enjoying such wonderful times in Canada.

  3. Memories are made of this. Obviously a wonderful visit was had by all. By the way hope Zoe brought an extra suitcase to carry home all her loot.


  4. Gosh.....I could have sworn I left a comment!?
    Zoe looks like a beautiful young girl....
    Your enchanted garden looks tropical....
    Hope you had a great time...

  5. Looks like a good time was had all around, what sweet photos!
    Am sure you know by now, once you have entered the World of American Girl,
    there's no turning back! :)