Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The ice cream story

"The Girls" have departed and The Professor and I are constantly going over some of the highlights of their all too short visit.

One evening we had a very special ice cream treat in mind. Little did we know that it was so special, it would turn into an impromptu birthday party for a 4-AND A HALF year old. The photos are by iPhone and of course the lights off for the candle. A note went home to LA for Zoë's teachers that this is the ice cream she would like for her birthday in January.

With thanks to "Auntie Bonnie and Uncle Jimmy" for this wonderful idea. It was a huge hit and everyone enjoyed the surprise.
                               Mostly, by a 4-AND A HALF year old!

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  1. You are certainly welcome, glad this little treat was such a hit. New ice cream seems to always appeal to us girls.....Off to the cottage, enjoy the weekend.