Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The sweetest wee pies

Ever since seeing Kristina Matisic's "Pie in a Jar" photo on Instagram, I've been obsessed with the idea. I can't find her original inspiring picture which was taken at the Whistler Farmer's Market, but you'll get the idea soon enough. I sure hope I haven't thrown away all those darling little mason jars in one of my fits of tidiness!

Here is a great description/recipe of how to accomplish this darling little treat. Such a fun idea for summer. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: http://satoridesignforliving.com/2012/01/pie-in-a-jar-a-pinterest-fave/


  1. What an absolutely amazing idea! Worth a try for sure. I will have to do some serious rooting around for jars like that; possibly discarded during a clearing out blitz as well.

  2. Perfect for those of us who haven't started the blitz yet.......Look and sound fabulous. Thanks Leslie