Saturday, July 19, 2014

Then and now

It's blushing time in the garden. When the spring blossoms come forth on the fruit trees over the fence it's always a lovely time of year. Unfortunately, these old stand fruit trees are not attended to properly. Without proper shaping, pruning and attention, the fruit appears, but is stunted and ends up mainly as ground fall, and the trees themselves are overgrown and wild.

The assumption is that prior to subdivision development, this was once a farm orchard. It's a case of cutting down the trees and naming the streets after them, hence, Peachtree Avenue. I have yet to find the elusive peach. Certainly the old oaks are arranged in perfect rows and must have majestically lined a farm drive.

I so wish past and current owners had taken more interest in and valued more highly the history and antiquity that remains. These trees could be such bountiful beauties.

Apple Blossoms

The blush is on the apples.

Pear Blossoms

The blush is on the pears

On a brighter note, the tomatoes are coming along splendidly. Not long now before we can sample this year's crop. I am hopeful that a variety change to beefsteak will yield tasty reward.

Tomato plants

The Blush is on the tomatoes

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  1. Lovely garden. Now get inside and turn on the TV, Rory needs you