Thursday, July 17, 2014

This is why

Jane started it, Gordon seconded it, so the Professor and I had to get on it immediately.

After a coffee meeting with my "gym buddies" {where I go to have my electronics updated and for the coffee, not the gym}, I realized that I'm really not as hip as I thought - since I did not know the song "Rude". It's by a group called Magic, and apparently there is a gym connection there too. My swiftest response was that this is why I like to hang out with these creative young women...they make me feel so which the ever brilliant Louise remarked "That's why we like hanging out with you too! You make us feel so young!" Touché.

This post is for Auntie Helen who will totally approve. The Professor had been sent the photo a long time ago, so that is his contribution '2' the family thread. Irresistible really.

1 comment:

  1. Love it! How clever. I have watched it a number of times and keep catching parts I missed. It is the pace which makes it so effective and catchy! "Rude" is very cute! Thanks to your gym friends for keeping you and your readers cool and up to date.