Sunday, August 10, 2014


Speaking of blasts from the past...this just in. I have never seen this picture, but happily it came to me this morning, via email, during a pause for remembering. This is the original Stitch and Bitch group that started with an "Old English Smocking" class in North Toronto, circa 1980. When I say original, I should mention that there were several others who "opted" out of the group when the class ended and one member not present ...possibly taking the photo? This is a classic.

The names shall remain anonymous, as one or more may now be in the witness protection was that sort of group. Sadly, the two matriarchs of the group have passed on. No matter where they all are, they will always live on in our hearts and minds as the best of gals. Thanks Fi.


  1. Great blast from the past.......... a lovely group of ladies.....what fun

  2. Such a seemingly innocent-looking group of can
    only imagine what was REALLY discussed at these harmless
    little get-togethers. Crochet and tatting techniques? Fruit salad recipes?
    One wonders...