Friday, September 12, 2014

Eat cake!

I usually read the "hororscope" in the daily Toronto Star with a skeptical viewpoint, but I still read it, and when I like it, I think it is true.

Today is right on the money.

The way I am interpreting this is that I will eliminate all commitments to house cleaning and such. I shall look forward to positive life changes in a year and will possibly start playing the lottery in that luckiest part. Since I am firmly attached, I'm thinking the quality time together should be in Paris, Barcelona, the Atlantic crossing on the Queen Mary 2, anywhere in Europe really, and of course the overindulging part is 'de rigeur'. Good job that the Professor happens to be a TAURUS (their capitals :)) - and he thinks he's a lot of fun :)

"Stars: Jacqueline Bigar"
"If Today Is Your Birthday:"

"This year you open up to many possibilities, but you will need to eliminate some existing commitments first. You are a year away from some positive life changes. You will begin a new luck cycle at that time, and the first year is considered one of the luckiest. If you are single, someone special is right around the corner. If you are attached, the two of you love spending quality time together. You also might tend to overindulge often together. TAURUS understands you and can be a lot of fun."

This is today's page on my calendar. It is a fabulous watercolour by John Jessop Hardwick. Perhaps if I keep up my practice, this will be one of my positive changes!

John Jessop Hardwick (British, London 1831–1917). Date: 1866. Medium: Watercolor.


  1. I like the part about us often overindulging together.

  2. Hey, just remember that I'm a Taurus too. I'm pretty sure I'm the real "lot of fun" one in your life. Happy Birthday!!

    1. The way I see it is that you and your little family will be here in a year and that will be my luckiest moment, and the most fun of all.

    2. Ma soeur, I don't think it would surprise a soul that I thought exactly the same...Jane and family home in a year. I suggest you get the travelling in very soon and when the wee ones arrive, the real fun begins and let the overindulging live on! Since the end of the year is predicted to be the beginning of the good luck period, Gord and Rachel could be venturing east next. All together...what a concept!

    3. I had that discussion with Gordon yesterday. Things are booming in the gaming industry in Toronto at the moment. One never knows! He was more of a mind that we all move west. Since Barry and Teresa have started the wave, he foresees us all in Victoria ....retired.