Thursday, September 25, 2014

I can relate

The advantage of watching "Dancing With The Stars" is hearing some tunes I otherwise might not plug into. It was an adorable routine and the music is catchy. By the way, this is way I listen to music...I'm all about the bass - no treble. This is my new theme song on so many levels. Even the gym buddies concur that we, sorry, "I" fit right in :)

She is standing on that bass and balancing on the wooden dance floor. That's a "10"!!!!

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  1. The best thing about "Dancing with the Stars" is that it makes me appreciate that extra TV we bought for the basement.

  2. Oh Larry, come on, I know you take a peak now and again when you pop up for a Diet Coke and you never seem to develop a thirst during the commercials apparently. I'm just saying!

  3. Great song and a great message. Loved the video and the behind the scenes segment. I really should start watching!

  4. When Zoë hears this song on the radio she says "this is my jam, mom!". And then we all dance.