Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Welcome FALL!! Soup season is upon us. In an effort to consume way more vegetables, soup is an admirable vehicle. I am stocking up on the basics ~ celery, onions and organic chicken stock. Some of the most recent gorgeous food photos have impelled me to action.

This is Joy the Baker's Creamy roasted red pepper soup.

From BBC Food....Chicken Soup!

And THIS- Cauliflower Chowder - one of my 'can't wait to try'...from DAMN DELICIOUS

I'm going to start with these three and carry on. I can really recommend Damn Delicious' Blog There's much more than just soup and it is truly inspirational. Bring on the cold weather, sweaters, scarves, mittens! I LOVE it. My favourite season.


  1. These look fabulous. I am not quite as enthusiastic about the cooler weather as you are, but thanks to your blog and a friend who reported having made four soups just last week, I will get cracking here in the soup kitchen. I have a huge cauliflower in the fridge so that will be my first attempt. We love soup, and as you said, it is a perfect way to eat lots of vegetables. Here's hoping that chicken stock is on sale as well as red peppers!

  2. I'm sorry I totally forgot....what time is dinner?