Saturday, October 25, 2014

The sweetest trip to the park

The other day I missed a "Face Time" call from LA. When I finally realized that my iPad was not ringing "I Can't Get No Satisfaction", I called back the number on my screen. The first face I saw was little Luca. He was clearly outside,on the sidewalk, in the bicycle contraption that Michael uses to take the kids to the park. He was trying to tell me something and in the blink of an eye, there was another face appearing on screen. Luca had little choice but to relinquish his hold on Michael's phone. The call had come an hour earlier and Zoë told me that they had been calling to show me a new outfit they had made for Itty Bitty Baby, out of paper. Of course, Itty couldn't be on the bike ride to the park donning paper, so I was out of luck with seeing their latest creation, BUT, would I like to ride with them to the park??

The four AND A HALF year old then proceeds to put 'Mamère' safely in her bicycle basket and peddles onward while continuing our little "chat". There I was. IN the phone, on the screen, in the bottom of the bicycle basket looking at palm trees and sky while my granddaughter did the tour guide of Playa Vista. At one point she dismounted to show me a flower she thought I might like to see. There was one scary moment at a cross walk when we got stuck. Zoë cleverly yelled "help!" and a big hand grabbed our basket and pulled us out of the rut. Upon arriving at the park, my tour conductor dismounted, picked me up and turned the camera the other way so that I could have a good view of the playground. After several blurry, running moments we arrived at the tube-slide and Luca was allowed to slide me through the yellow tunnel ....very exciting. At this point, Daddy made a good decision to say goodbye and I was rather glad. It's exhausting to go to the park in the bike basket, not to mention a little bumpy.
Can't wait to do the real thing in a couple of weeks.

This photo came through when all the climbing and sliding and swinging and monkey-barring was finished.
And they rode off into the sunset.


  1. You obviously have not checked out the Debo's exit....

    1. I actually did. For those of you who might be wondering about "Debo"....the Duchess of Devonshire. Recently deceased. Her coffin was a wicker one. Zoë's bicycle basket was plastic, not wicker, and fortunately I was quite more cognizant of my surroundings than the dear old dowager. That will be another post. Stay tuned!

  2. EXCELLENT story. In my mind I see it like a short film at Cannes!