Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What's missing?

If you read the article on my paranoid thinking regarding the "loss/theft/mysterious disappearance of the nutmeg grater, you'll love this one.

The other day I was rifling (old Ottawa Valley term for rooting or otherwise making a big mess) through a kitchen drawer in search of a specific cleaning cloth. For whatever reason, said cloth had fallen down behind the drawer and was unreachable by these short arms. The Professor's existence was once again validated due to his long reach. Enlisted (told to) get on the floor and reach as far as he could to extricate the cloth, he quickly changed up the process by simply removing the whole shebang from it's hinges. Not only was the cloth found and quickly dispatched, but come to light that virtually another drawer full of "objects" had seen a similar fate and were now languishing in the back of beyond! It's actually quite embarrassing to admit how much was really down there, but it did remind me of the old game we used to play at birthday parties circa 1950's. If you are of my "vintage" you too may have played this game.

All the objects on this tray were actually down the back of the cabinet! I had been ranting and cursing the loss of that cheese knife for ages, not to mention the egg separator. Remember this layout.

If you ever attended a party that looked a bit this this crew...yes very black and white, the obligatory cowboy hat worn by your little brother, the velvet couch and fetching curtains....all shiny shoes and party dresses...then you likely remember the game...."What's Missing???" At any given time, a tray was presented, not unlike the one pictured above with my mysteriously missing 'objects du jour'. When the tray appeared again, some things were missing.

Well??? What's missing? NO LOOKING BACK!

No prizes will be awarded. If indeed you attended one of these parties and ever played this game, the prize will be that you can still find the missing object. Consider the entire thing "vintage well done!".

Photo Credit: http://www.chronicallyvintage.com/2009/07/25-wonderful-vintage-birthday-photos.html


  1. What's missing is the damn cloth you were looking for in the first place!

  2. Your great post brought back so many memories of wonderful kids' parties.. I certainly remember the game, and the other version was that you had to make a list of all the items on the tray. For some reason I recall that a needle and spool of thread were popular tray items. I bet there was a time when you had a grand search on for those candles! I can understand how you were thrilled to reunite with the cheese knife because really, how do you lose one of those??? Interesting how often when searching for a treasured item, the support from a non-participating observer is frequently "Oh it will turn up!". That is not helpful!