Saturday, November 15, 2014

All things moving

Yesterday we took the train to the California Science Center.

There is a magnificent fountain and rose garden in front of the museum. See the little family on the other side?

The architecture is the same as University of Southern California (USC) which is located right across the street.

THIS is what we came to see. It's totally AWESOME and very, very humbling.

Home again, home again. All aboard! Just like Thomas the train engine.


  1. Looks like fun........just remember one thing...The only difference between men and boys.... is the price of their toys. I see a big train in your future.

    By the way "I" got my American Girl catalogue in the mail yesterday????????


  2. Glad to see you are out there enjoying many different experiences. Luca appears to be totally engrossed in all aspects of the adventure. What wonderful memories.