Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Girl's Day Out Shopping "Expotition"

Saturday, "the girls" went to one of the biggest outlet malls I have ever seen. The parking alone was an adventure in patience and tenacity. Miles and Miles and Miles of stores and people and cars....I honestly think it's bigger than Disneyland!

Zoë had been to a birthday party in the morning and after yet another round of face painting and dancing with Elsa from Frozen, she was pretty revved up! She needed new boots and some clothing, but the Disney Store was looming large from our parking spot. She's very reasonable and was convinced to wait until the end to get a little something.

In retrospect, if she had have had a Disney thing to focus on, it may have kept her fantasy side better in check!
Yes, that IS Zoë posing IN the window. When it came to the $$$$ Ann Taylor mannequins, I drew the line!

After shoes, and clothes and a few things for Luca and Mummy shopping, it was off for a bite and a little rest at Ruby's Diner. This rest was mainly for the adults, and to possibly dilute the chocolate effect on the kid.

Like my jazzy new boots???

Christmas shopping complete. A bit early, not even Thanksgiving here yet, and all the halls and palm trees are decked!

Having avoided the marathon, the boys were well rested, happy to only have to endure the tales, and Luca was happy with his "Tinker Bell" Fairy. I got a package of Hanes underpants, and a new understanding of shopping with a four-and-a-half year old fueled by birthday goodies. Whew!


  1. That sounds like a very full day! I always like my face paint to match my boots, just like you Zoë...and I would also have chosen pink and purple. I think Mamere would have been quite tuckered out that evening, but for good reason. Lots of great memories!

  2. I have to admit this sounds like a survival of the fittest marathon! Good for you for surviving it! An outlet mall bigger than Disneyland - what next?

  3. No pics of the underpants?????? How disappointing. Looks like you had a great day