Friday, November 14, 2014

Just a quick glimpse

Just a few photos that have taken an enormous amount of brain power to get from there to here. I am using the Professor's laptop, with which I am unfamiliar, trying to edit photos on my iPad, transfer them to the computer etc. etc. etc. Being a bear of very little brain, this is quite a task. I have been using my big camera for most stuff, and relying on The Prof, for his android and photographic acumen to get me through the playgrounds, and other tight spots. It's virtually impossible to get photos of an active 2 year old, unless he's asleep.

I think in this little series, "Tink" was seriously worn down by running in the big park and 'Papi' managed to get a few nice shots. So here he is folks! Enjoy the real boy because he is elusive and hard to capture at the best of times! Big sister on the other hand is headed for Hollywood, so stay tuned for more later.

Would it be really mean to mention that it is in the pleasant 70 degree range here?


  1. What an adorable pair, and how nice to see the handsome lad featured. I see that he enjoys similar attire to Wyatt. They will have much in common when they finally meet..

  2. They are just adorable! I know you must be enjoying every moment.

  3. Glad to see Luca finally made it to centre stage and well done "Papi" great pics. Looks like you are enjoying the time with him, he certainly is enjoying the attention and I am sure you are "bonding" in a big way.

    PS nobody cares about the weather and Happy Birthday Gordon

  4. Boys! They never stay still for photo ops! Grab them when you can!