Sunday, November 23, 2014

Rainy Days in Vancouver

Oh dear. What to do, what to do - when it's grey and chilly and drizzly?? How about a trip to "Butter Bakery".
Even the name evokes a soothing response. Off we go!

I can honestly say that there is not ONE thing I would not make from this cookbook. If you want simple, old-fashioned, just plain delicious bakery goodies, this is a collectable.

Decorations have just been installed, including a Butter Barbie tree topper. Gotta love this place! Even the wallpaper!

Oh my! What to choose, what to choose????

This looks like a pretty nice selection. Add a few lovely Lattes and you are as happy as Larry!

Cannot leave without bringing something home to share and vote on. Sharing done, votes in....all winners!

That would be a pumpkin whoopie pie, a Naniamo bar, a pecan slice and a brownie topped with handmade coconut marshmallows!

The Professor has given me a challenge to make every recipe in the book.


  1. May I be number one on the tasting team please? All look mighty fine!

  2. I hope you brought some of the samples home...I'm waiting in the driveway