Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A little reflection

Now that we are back in the land after a three week whirlwind, the collars are up, the mitts are on, and the squirrels are very busy feathering their nests.

This is likely why no one would ever want to leave Southern California and return to bleak, cold, wintery Ontario. As much as I complain about it, I for one, do appreciate the change in seasons and the vagaries in light and temperature. If it's possible to say, there are times when sun and 70 degrees all the time becomes a little boring??? BOOOOOO you all say, as did I, when I walked out this morning and heated the seats of my vehicle.

In Playa Vista, you can pretty much do this every day of the year!

Luca is fearless as long as water wings are in place.

Zoë dives under Jane

.......and thankfully resurfaces!

Luca strives to reach the sides of the pool so that he can launch himself off once again

The latest accomplishment of the back float. Remember all those milestones???

It's absolutely wonderful that both kids are getting such a good start on swimming. It's delightful to be able to saunter over to an outdoor pool almost any day of the week and just splash around.

Here we have our shoulders hunched up to our ears, toques and mitts pulled on, eyes focused downward, dark cloudy skies...winter is setting in. Southern California is a nice place to be. What was I saying about changing seasons?????

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  1. The children are doing splendidly and the picture of little Luca is just priceless!!!