Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Keeping connected

This could so be my granddaughter! I did a double take wondering if she'd gotten into commercial work in LaLa land! Looks just like her and she's totally capable of such hi-jinx.

Last week they were off to get a Christmas tree. Zoë had the phone and was giving me a report on the excursion via Facetime. Luca of course wanted in on the action. In the back seat, between the scrabbling hands and two car seats, I ended up under the front seat for most of the ride. While Luca kept up a scream due to the fumble, Zoë reassured me that I could get out of the dark when the car stopped and a grownup could reach the phone. It's not bad riding under the front seat.

The song featured in this ad is "Apple of My Eye" by Anya Marina. Available on iTunes.

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