Monday, December 8, 2014

The start of the season

The tradition continues. Yesterday, the girls were off to see 'The Nutcracker' ballet. This new tradition requires the party dress and new shoes for the social season. It's a ball of excitement. We got the pre-performance red carpet face time call. The girls called us just outside the theatre to show us the magnificent outfit Zoë had chosen all by herself. It wasn't Mummy's pick, she wanted this one AND the sparkly pink shoes with heart shaped clasp which went perfectly with any party dress....don't you think??? It was pointed out that nothing that Mummy had on was new. Only Zoë. We may have to remedy that by next year :) Just before the performance they were having celebratory drinks and I was hoping the hot cocoa would not be part of the ensemble even before entering the venue.

The tickets this year were front row balcony seats and I've yet to hear a full account of the performance. There was a little too much excitement in the air following the entire ballet to be able to report any findings. Another day.

Another off the press

Declared another perfect day at the ballet! Walking...or spinning...on air


  1. Not sure I can spend the next few months with the rodent, however, pink sparkly shoes with a heart shaped clasp go with everything. Well done Zoe

  2. How nice to see a young miss who knows how to dress for an afternoon at the ballet with Mommy. It will be fun to hear all the details. A great choice Zoë.