Friday, January 9, 2015

I might have to go back

Our daughter is in Las Vegas this week attending the annual Consumer Electronic Show. This is the one where you learn all about the new cars that drive themselves, televisions bigger than your house, and other useful gadgets. Personally I want the new Apple iWatch. Can't wait to hear about that one. In the meantime, "Miss Peach" is staying at The Wynn! Business is so tough, imagine having your own room and sleeping uninterrupted for an entire week!! :)

I asked her if she could send me pictures of their current floral display in the lobby. Here it is! I may have to go back to Vegas. It's sub-arctic here, snowing as I write, shoveling tomorrow is certain.

Vegas. I might have to go back. I wish I had smellavision. Maybe that will be one of the latest ideas????

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  1. The Wynn is keeping up with the neighbours (The Rose Parade). Beautiful flowers and nice photography Jane