Sunday, January 25, 2015

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I finally found the time to take the Workroom's Wholecloth Quilting class. Ever since seeing Carolanne Graham's sample quilt, I've wanted to learn this technique.

For me, there is always the agonizing decision involved in fabric choice, the next step is to decide on the quilted design. As there is no fancy patchwork piecing, the quilting is everything in this approach. Next step is marking the design onto the quilt top. In this case it was achieved using a clever template.

The atmosphere of fellow quilters is nothing less than collegial. When it came time to baste the three layers together, helpful hands appeared from everywhere and the project was ready to start in no time.

A few minutes into the stitching, it became abundantly clear that I would be needing finger protection. I've always admired the leather thimble, but as the shop was fresh out of them, I was forced to make a trek to Michael's. I needed to amass yet a few more sewing items and get at this hummer. While there, staring at the wall of possibilities, I included a rubberized version just in case. I've never liked working with thimbles, but this project practically demands one as the thicker Sashiko thread and needle I chose to use require you to ram everything through the three layers ~ top, batting and backing.

These little finger pads looked like a viable possibility, so I added them to the collection. They work extremely well, but I must add a warning. If you have a touch id on your phone, you might be out of luck. They literally remove your fingerprints after prolonged wearing. I kid you not!

No more excuses. The fingers are covered by all possibilities ~ now the fun part! Keeping your stitches in order. I am using a contemporary approach to this quilting. Amish teeny tiny stitches it is not. When the finished product is washed, there is a bit of shrinkage in the overall stitch, but I like the longer look anyway.

Of course it would be a shame not to continue doing this handwork once one becomes somewhat adept with the method and has all the tools at hand. The advantage of taking a class is that there are more than enough ideas to keep one's interest piqued and inspired. A good indoor winter activity methinks ~ another 52 days till spring. Cozy to work on too!

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  1. This looks amazing. I am looking forward to seeing the real thing. Hopefully you regain your fingerprints fairly quickly; who would have thought that would happen?