Sunday, February 1, 2015

Last Class

After 4 consecutive Saturday afternoons in January, yesterday was our last class. This was such a fun gathering with so much shared, learned and enjoyed. I cannot tell you how gratifying hand work is, and in the words of our illustrious leader Carolanne..."There is something poetic about a well groomed needle and thread".

There was only one class member who finished her project. Joan opted to make two complementary cushion covers. You can see from the photo that she used Valdani variegated quilting thread. The tones in her thread tied the two rather different pieces together in a most charming way.

She worked with Carolanne to assemble her pieces and voila! Wonderful to finish something :)

The always fabulous Mel dove right in with her stunning colour pick. This will be an astrological masterpiece ....eventually :) There are many twists and turns to the universe!

Whenever it came time for a piece to be basted, hands appeared atop ~ and job done in no time. This gorgeous trio made light work of Mel's universe ....ready to quilt.

And THIS is Erica. Coerced by her 5 year old daughter's Christmas present...because "Good Mummies" know how to sew...Erica fashioned her own blocked top and chose Pearl Cotton to quilt her story-reading-cozy-lap quilt. It is also rumoured that she is an uber-fan of date squares and has a wicked good sense of humour.

Miss Esthr (yes that IS how she spells it) is working on a quilted quote! It is total brilliance. She is using different coloured threads and we all await seeing the oeuvre finished.

Our fearless leader Caroleanne Graham manages to answer all questions, conquer all difficulties with total elan, and make everyone smile while doing so. She is a master at handwork and if you ever have the chance, I would recommend her as a teacher extraordinaire!

NOW. Here is someone who put me over the moon. This sweet woman Yvonne is doing probably the most creative thing I've ever seen. This is a tear away design of the Haptic Lab Constellation Quilt! I had never heard of this shop in Brooklyn NY. Oh what a delicious find for the quilting Mamère of an Astrophysicist! I almost couldn't breathe. Needless to say this will be one of my upcoming projects.

There are so many ways to approach this work of art. Yvonne was SO generous about sharing her method and decisions on materials etc. Again, another shout out to Valdani, this time SILK thread to quilt this one. Yvonne thinks it's the best thing ever and she should know - she is attempting the entire Milky Way in french knots!

It is always inspirational to see what others have chosen to do and their method of execution. So many great ideas and usage of fabrics lead to endless possibilities. Each one agrees that having a scheduled time frame helps with carrying on with the project and we all look forward to a binding class when all our stitches are in place.

If you are in the Toronto area and even if you are not, you might enjoy looking at the class calendar in this adorable space.

Photo Credit: Carolanne Graham by Karyn Valino Workroom website


  1. what a lovely post! thank you for your kind words. can't wait to see your finished work(s) :p

  2. hey hey, not sure if you know but your blog is quoted on the Valdani Facebook page :)