Friday, February 6, 2015

What I have in common

The Professor and I love "The Big Bang Theory". The other night an episode came on with Sheldon attending to a sick Amy Farrah Fowler. I soon realized that every single one of her flannel nightgowns was one that I too own! I still have them. "Lanz of Salzburg". Started in the 70's and told recently by one of the other girls to quit it, and move on. I did. I started ordering LLBean flannel gowns. So, by the way, did the other girl :) Amy Farrah Fowler has a couple of those too.

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  1. Ah yes, "Lanz of Salzburg". How we used to love those and I know you introduced them to me. I had the second one, and I wore number four from LL Bean just last week. The housecoat that Amy is wearing with number four is very similar to one that Mr. Beach and I both have from LLBean, minus the little frill. That little number was perfect for the middle of a sleepless night last night, when the house was rather chilly, and I resorted to some TV catch up. Very cozy, functional attire which, even if they are not worn as much as they used to be, are handy to keep in a drawer in case one is under the weather like Amy.