Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Small things

Small things can make one giddily happy.

I may have to shovel a path out to the old lilac tree today. Despite the fact that there is much sun and melting going on, there is still a huge quantity of snow in the backyard. I'm just so excited to get this little hummer hung out for the birdies! My friend Bonnie found this at the "One-Of-A-Kind" show and thought of all the bits and bobs that I have left over in yarn.

Oddly enough, when I was quilting with Sashiko thread, I had a pile of bits and bits and bits of ends and mentioned to the teacher that this was really piling up. She said she just throws them out on the patio and the birds are ecstatic to have ready made nest material. It's soft and cosy too. I will add a bit of that to my latest garden ornament and watch as the neighbourhood gets colourful this spring.

This darling invention is made by Martin House Art in Barrie Ontario. They may have to be contacted via the "One-Of-A-Kind" show, but luckily the spring version is coming up soon too! Thanks BAP I'm all atwitter!


  1. Just wanted to be sure that the birds of Mississauga were as poshly nested as the birds in North Toronto



  2. The Orioles out at the cottage would LOVE this!
    What a great idea....

  3. Please let me know if the birds take the yarn. I've had mine for 5 years and they never take any. I refresh it with new yarn every year to look pretty in my yard though :)