Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Gypsy Spirit in me

I cannot tell you how much I want one of these. This is my idea of perfection. Before I laid eyes on these Canadian beauties I was prepared to ask the neighbours on the corner if I could erect their little camper in their backyard and sleep there one night. I made The Professor come on a walk up the street, and check out my urban camping idea. He pointed out that even if we did own one of these little pop-ups, we could hardly get it into our backyard, without removing fences and all sorts of discombobulation. As usual, my most ardent FAT idea of the moment passed, and receded into the "if only" category of wishes. Then today, in honour of the upcoming National Home Show, I spotted THIS! Oh be still my beating gypsy heart.

If you look into the images of these things there are a multitude of THIS! The Shepherd Hut can be customized any which way.

My dream even has a musical accompaniment.....rockin' my gypsy soul! Magnificently I will fold into the mystic....backyard. The Professor can get a fog horn!

The Toronto Star says:


"Launching at the National Home
Show, the Shepherd Hut by Gute,
is a breath of fresh air. Movable,
modular and pre-fabricated, this
trailer-like hut becomes an exten-
sion of your home. Showcased in
the Ultimate Backyard, the Shep-
herd Hut is designed to withstand
the harsh Canadian winter, making
it the perfect portable guesthouse,
home office, children's playhouse,
or simply a quiet place to escape
to. It can be fully customized to suit
your needs and wired to operate by
either battery, generator or exten-
sion cord. Handcrafted in South-
ern Ontario and set atop cast-iron
wheels, a Shepherd Hut offers a
brand new way to think about your
outdoor living space. To lean more,

Needless to say, I am now going through all of Van Morrison's music and thinking about visiting the Home Show. March 13-22. Can you just imagine??????

Credits: Toronto Star The National Home Show Advertising Feature.
Photos: The web,


  1. Leslie, I have 2 tickets to the show you are welcome to them. Leanna and I were supposed to go yesterday to see my faves, Colin and Justin but we are both trying to get over wicked colds. Hacking, coughing, sniffling...

  2. How cute is that!
    I think you should get one....
    Feel better Giovanna...

  3. I love these little houses! Would LOVE one!