Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The story of the unfortunate

Things were looking promising. The 7 inch round cake pans had been located and purchased, the best and freshest ingredients were in house and it was a baking day. The cakes turned out perfectly. The icing recipe was a bit of a mystery to me as I had never read instructions that required one to add all the ingredients and then turn the mixer on high and beat for 10-12 minutes. Never.

The time came to cut the completely cooled layers in half in order to ice and "nut" the exterior. The cakes were quite resistant to my usual "pull-a-thread" method of layering. This resulted in a few "whoops"....which were totally ignored since I decided the best thing to say after a chunk of cake is dislodged is to say to oneself...."don't worry this is only for us...just pat it back together". Surely the second round of thread bisecting would work. WHOOPS! O.K. "don't even think about this, you are not serving it to guests, just pat it back together".

I think I need to mention right here and now, that I do consider myself a good cook and an excellent baker...well, I did ...used to.

Carrying on. The layers get equal billing with the icing, which I am now wondering...."Was it all the beating? Did I forget to add the total amount of icing sugar? Perhaps it will set up?" The icing is not quite as thick as my regular carrot cake confection.

The nuts. I was lazy and didn't chop them further than what they were in the package. Clever idea. Hold the cake over a large bowl and when you apply handfuls of nuts to the edges, the ones that don't stick will fall back into the bowl and you can scoop them out and reapply. Perfect. The 4 layers of iced cake on the plate are slightly heavy. The "Whoops' are now literally sliding in opposite directions to each other requiring one to not only "NUT encrust" the thing, but balance precariously over the nut bowl. At this point The Professor enters the kitchen and helpfully holds the cake whilst I administer as much of the walnut crumb as possible. He has to leave rather abruptly (probably to avoid wetting his pants) as we are now hysterically trying to keep the entire shebang on the plate. In a fit of pique, I throw the rest of the damn crumbs on the top of the cake, miss, and they end up on what is now known as the "high side". Voila. This is what it looks like!!!

It got slung immediately into the fridge in order to firm up the butter/cream cheese/icing molten slide. That worked, but didn't help the overall appearance. As noted in a previous post, below is what I was aiming for. Not QUITE. Not even the inside looked as orderly. Must have been those pesky Whoopsy Crumbs! It did set up. It definitely tasted better the next day....one of those cakes that is best made ahead. I quickly portioned it out and froze several pieces for a day when a nutty concoction would be appreciated.

I won't give up until I've mastered this little hummer. It's just too adorable, and I do have the proper cake tins now! The shop only uses 3 layers and the cookbook says you can use the fourth layer at home....I'm wondering. I'm also trying to remember what my original recipe was from. Haven't made this in a long time. We shall, however, be eating it for a while. It's just for us!


  1. Oh crumb.....
    Did it at least TASTE delicious?

  2. I don't understand. Your cake looks identical to the one in the photo. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I behold a most delectable looking cake. Stick a sliver in your pocket for intermission at the ballet please.