Thursday, April 30, 2015

Out of this world

Way back in January an intrepid group of extremely fascinating women started a Whole Cloth Quilt Class with Carolanne Graham.

This four session class was all about the quilting. By hand. Whole cloth is really an interesting method. As opposed to a pieced and stitched patchwork, whole cloth is technically made on a single piece of fabric and the stitching becomes the pattern of the quilt.

The last Sunday of each month is "Quilting Sunday" at "The Workroom" in Toronto. Once our class had finished we all resolved to meet again and finish our pieces with a lesson on binding.

Last week, Yvonne sent out a message that she was ready to bind her Haptic-lab "Northern Constellations" piece. I'm telling you this is a true work of art! Everyone was very excited and ready to roll. Please excuse the photography, I was using my phone and it does not do justice to the colour or the magnitude of this masterpiece, but you'll get the idea.

Just want to point out that the milky way is done entirely in french knots! Brava Yvonne! You've created a masterpiece and inspired so many others with not only your prowess in stitching, but also your sweet and kind generous spirit.

I was so overwhelmed with joy to see this pattern. As you know, my daughter is an Astrophysicist. How could I not do this piece!!! It is a very unusual method printed on tear-away fabric. The pattern is then embroidered and quilted onto the prepared quilt 'sandwich'. I had never heard of Haptic Lab in Brooklyn,NY, but happily The Workroom is now carrying these splendid patterns. How could I possibly not get PARIS as well???

It is a labour of love that I will start on next and hopefully finish before my eyes become anymore dim than they already are.

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  1. What a lovely post haha! You are too kind. I've been equally blessed by your piece of work and your yummy baked goods. I can't wait to see your constellation quilt and for your daughter to receive it.