Monday, July 13, 2015

Where I have been lately

One forgets how busy little people are. CONSTANTLY! This was a huge outing for the little family, Mamère and Papi in tow.
First a drive to the GO train, the train ride from Mississauga to Toronto, then a streetcar, then a ferry boat to Centre Island. So many new and exciting things to see and do. "Centreville" is heaven for 2 and 5 year old children. Most of the rides they can manage on their own and conquer many thrill-ride fears with avid parents. Grandparents mostly wait and take pictures :) There is lots and lots of walking involved but it's a great way to tire everyone out.


  1. You forgot the swans! I have photos of you riding in the swans with Zoë.

    1. Hold your water! I'm paddling as fast as I can here :) stay tuned