Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Doing the Happy Dance!

The best news EVER! The Kickstarter program for Gordon's game is 100% funded  ~ in one day!

 Needless to say we are extremely, happy, proud and relieved that this dream is coming true. We have been barely able to keep the buttons from popping off our chests today!

 Well done Gord, and the entire team. Very exciting. 

This is Gordon's post, and as you can see the animation is just top notch. Very nice reviews coming in from the gaming world, and,  all the parents can sleep tonight!:)

The campaign continues so that they can make even fancier additions like music scores and professional voice overs etc. Don't Stop!

100% Funded!
Posted by IronOak Games

"What a few days it’s been! First of all.....we did it! Thank you to so many people for backing us, sharing the project and showing interest! It’s really amazing, we’ve been humbled and just couldn’t be happier. An extra special thanks to our friends, family and colleagues who supported us as soon as the campaign was live, you people are awesome!

We worked immense hours as the launch date got closer and closer, fine tuning and polishing everything we could think of. It was a great feeling to hit the green Publish button, but I’m not going to lie, we were terrified. It feels really good to have people appreciate something we believe so firmly in.

The next order of business is that we already hit a mini stretch goal, The Dead Shall Rise! As a big thank you, all of our Kickstarter backers will be able to play as the adorable undead and carry on with their adventure even though death clearly came knocking a long time ago. To clarify, the undead skins are just aesthetic alternatives for our 6 core playable characters which grant no gameplay advantage whatsoever.

Looking ahead we are beginning to creep up on the Frost Realm stretch goal! I am so excited because we were forced to make some cuts from the our core set of realms and we made the hard decision of removing it. This was done not because we didn’t want it in the game but because it needs the extra attention to be everything it should be!

The Frost Realm will be a whole new biome with its own crippling weather and secluded boroughs to discover. New scourges, yetis, ice dungeons and other frozen abominations terrorizing the foolish who seek adventure. This will be a truly savage addition to Fahrul’s colorful kingdom.

I should mention that the speed at which this all unfolded blindsided us, sorry for any delays! Stretch Goal reveal will be coming shortly!"

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