Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fall tastes

Now that it is officially fall and the humidity of the summer has lifted, the cooler air calls for the wafting aroma of delicious soup.
I love soup. I especially love the following soups that I made in the past few weeks.

The first one is from The Pioneer Woman. It may sound a bit weird, but it's a keeper in this family. These recipes make a "pot~load" of soup, so be prepared to be eating them for a few days if you only number 2 as we do, or serve to a happy crowd. They are no-fail and you'll be exceedingly happy you tried these!

I couldn't find a couple of the cans called for, but used regular canned corn and instead of "Rotel tomatoes" used a spicy version located on shelves here. Otherwise all of the ingredients are easily found and kept on pantry shelves for spontaneous meals. The Velveeta cheese was a total surprise and a very delicious addition. Oddly enough, it really makes the soup!

Seven Can Soup - Pioneer Woman

The next one is the only way I really like eating Kale. Kale is the new super food and totally disguised in this wonderful dish:) I used the cured Chorizo sausage and not only does it add zing, but also a lovely trail of orange goodness in the broth.

End of Summer Kale Potato Soup with Corn and Chorizo

The last but not least is a real meal in a dish. It takes a lot of prep, chopping and cooking, but totally worth the extra bit of time. It also induced me to sort through my spice drawer and update my spice collection.

Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

I cannot remember where I found the inspiration for this collection, but I do thank those who post such delicious and tempting recipes on blogs, pinterest, and other social media sites. Thanks for sharing ~ all.

Photo Credits from Recipes web

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