Monday, September 14, 2015

Flash Bulletin

We interrupt this trip to NYC for a very important message.

Colby Young, Gordon Moran, David Lam, and Sean Hoyle of IronOak Games are launching a new video game 
 "For The King".

Follow them on Facebook  their website at:  IronOak Games or on Twitter at:  IronOakGames

Gordon is the artist responsible for most of the images you see in the trailer below. I have NO idea about these sorts of games, but in an effort to avoid having Gordon and Rachael living in our basement I am planning on investing in and inventing a "Medieval Faire" sort of component to his creation.

I'd like to think that his elan for creativity has something to do with me, but I am told that I'd best put my money where my imagination is and tell everyone about this Kickstarter campaign which begins tomorrow.

I literally had to call my daughter, who is in Chicago on business, to ensure that I wouldn't end up being a character who was instantly killed the moment the game opened. She will help me with my rendition of the "Faire"....I'm thinking a good name for my character might be "Rosemary La Reine" was either that or Parsley, Sage, or Thyme....get it???? (Scarborough Fair...are you going???)



Stay tuned. They launch tomorrow.

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