Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pretty much sums it up!

In case you are still following the saga, this is the most recent video put up by the team. In this one you can see our son Gordon speaking about the game. It's interesting that his days at McGill are finally paying off. Turns out this has been a great business plan and they are launching full steam ahead.

Watch this little 3 minute clip and not only can you see a bit of what the game looks like, but also you can see Colby, Gordon and David speaking and designing at their computers while actually working on the game. The last little bit at the very, very end amuses us....

They are still amassing funds for the further development of the game in terms of music scores, and animation that requires specific help. They have a long way to go but are totally inspired by the wonderful backing they are receiving. Because they have reached the minimum goal, they have activated "stretch goals" where they can add extra features to the game.

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