Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Entering the home stretch

Awoke this morning to an email from number one son. As you know, he, and a few good men and women, are starting their own business and are doing so on Kickstarter

Posted by IronOak Games

"We'll keep this one short and sweet. Only 48 hours left in the campaign! Thanks so much to everyone for your undying support, we've created an awesome community here and we can't wait to adventure together with you all!

To show our support we're giving away an in-game statue. For the next 48 hours every time you send out a post, tweet, or update on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Imgur or Tumblr we'll add your name to the draw to have your own statue in game. Just make sure to link to our Kickstarter page and use #ForTheKing. Bonus points for reddit posts!

We'll announce the winner in the first post-campaign update. Let's work together to spam the internet with some For The King love and crush the Above The Clouds stretch goal!"

They met their initial goal and are now working on "Stretch Goals" to further animate, the game. This way they can hire more people who have different expertise in animation and recording. This one is called "Above the Clouds Stretch Goal!" They need to reach $125,000. Not far to go, but every little bit helps. Spread the word through social media and you could win a statue in the game.

As for me, I WANT BALLOONS!!!! This is what I have in mind...not sure if this is what these game designers are thinking of, but hey....who knows where inspiration comes from!!

Get on board everyone and fasten your seat-belts! It's going to be a thrilling ride.

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  1. Those are exactly the kind of balloons we're talking about! Also I sure hope that you win the statue cause if dad wins he wants Darwin!