Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Truly Thankful

For the first time in many, many years, the Professor and I had family at our table for Thanksgiving. The Vancouver clan were absent, but as I was preparing the meal, "Gordon's song" came on the radio. I saw it as a sign that he and Rach were here in spirit. They are working full tilt on his new business venture, but we are hopeful for a Christmas time reunion. The little family came all decked out for a special meal. I love the fall. It's my favourite season and the day was absolutely spectacular.

The table represented 5 generations. My grandmother's good china which was used only on very special occasions. My mother's crystal which is still used only on very special occasions. My sterling silver flatware .....you guessed it....Jane and Michael brought some delicious wine and two beautiful children. One of the last generation slept through the entire meal, but at only 2 years old, will have many more turkeys to remember in the future. It was a splendid day topped off with pumpkin and apple pies from the heart of the Niagara Region....the Pie Shop in Virgil. Just the right amount of make some and buy some as "Ina Garten" would say.

Hope you all had a nice long weekend and were able to celebrate in some small way this wonderful time of year.

AND ....How about those Jays???!!! :)

Hey Gordon!


  1. Sharing a beautiful meal with your family in your own home on a perfect Thanksgiving Sunday...you couldn't ask for anything more. How wonderful to have Jane and family back in Canada and practically in your neighbourhood. We are so happy for you and know you are enjoying these special times with the wee ones and are confident that they are benefiting much from special one on one time with grandparents.

  2. It was a lovely weekend! And yes, how about those Jays??

  3. Wish we were there! And what kind of radio station are you listening to that plays the Jurassic Park theme song?

    1. 96.3 FM Toronto ~ They play it frequently. It is always on in the background in this house.