Sunday, November 29, 2015

A very good cause

This is the darling little quilt that I won in an auction through The Workroom for Syrian refugees. Debbie devised a wonderful in-store and online event with a super result for the cause.

This little piece, donated by the brilliant Johanna Masko has finally found an antique "yard" stick to hang from. It has a place of honour at the top of the stairs for now, but will likely have to find an area where it will not be affected by light. Every time I ascend or descend the stairs I have to have a look at each little square. No matter how many times you linger you always find a new surprise. I hope this will the the inspiration for a new paint job to the house!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Something to sing about

"Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame announces the induction of ‘When My Baby Smiles at Me’ and ‘Vivre en amour’"

"Songs inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame demonstrate excellence in the art of songwriting and have made an outstanding contribution to Canadian music. Eligible songs must have been written wholly or in part by a Canadian."

"Vivre en amour is a utopian vision of love and harmony among peoples, in keeping with the 1960/70s “peace and love” movement. Ironically, it was some bad news on that day that inspired Roger Magnan to write about universal love referred to in the song."

{Vivre En Amour}

Vivre en amour tous les jours s'aimer tout le temps
Du moment que l'on s'ait que la vie ce vit
Sur la terre sans frontière universellement
Évidemment pour ce faire il faudra du temps
Se parler se connaître beaucoup mieux qu'avant
Car la terre sans frontière n'est pas jeu d'enfant

Tout serai facile si demain les grandes villes devenaient
Pour un instant un jardin de printemps
Oui tellement facile qu'a s'aimer que se le dire tout serait
Des ce moment paradis de beau temps

Vivre en amour tous les jours s'aimer tout le temps
Du moment que l'on s'ait que la vie ce vit
Sur la terre sans frontière universellement
Évidemment pour ce faire il faudra du temps
Se parler se connaître beaucoup mieux qu'avant
Car la terre sans frontière n'est pas jeu d'enfant

Les longues semaines deviendraient
Des jours de fête pour tous ceux
Qui ont 20 ans dans leur coeur en dedans
Loin de nos contraintes on pourrait
Vivre sans crainte dans l'amour
Qui est au présent tout en nous simplement

Vivre en amour tous les jours s'aimer tout le temps
Du moment que l'on s'ait que la vie ce vit
Sur la terre sans frontière universellement
Évidemment pour ce faire il faudra du temps
Se parler se connaître beaucoup mieux qu'avant
Car la terre sans frontière n'est pas jeu d'enfant

And how relevant to today ~ and always

Droits paroles : paroles officielles sous licence MusiXmatch respectant le droit d'auteur.
Credits: CSHF

Friday, November 27, 2015

The latest excursion

Last week we headed out with the little boy to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, Ontario. The Professor's father flew this plane, a Hawker Hurricane, in World War II and then transferred to a squadron flying the rocket-firing Hawker Typhoon. Only one of the Typhoon's survives and is currently on loan to the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa. Another good reason to visit the Nation's Capital sooner than later.

The museum is absolutely wonderful. So much restoration going on continuously. There is one plane where the children can "ride" in and see just what it was like to be in one of these aircraft during the war. There were many school classes in attendance the day we were there and it was nice to see that, among other things, the Bletchley story was being confirmed with the use of morse code manchines.

Almost unimaginable to think about young men going up in these "tin cans" of machines and doing what they did. A bit overwhelming really and certainly very emotional for our family. The following are pictures of Larry's Dad in the cockpit as well as a page from his log book on D-Day June 6, 1944. Note the entry "Der Tag" ~The Day~ on D-Day indicating that he was there, flying over France. Everyone who has been privileged to see this remarkable document has always commented on how beautiful his printing was. We really will have to take our grandchildren over to Europe some day and commemorate this.

The real tragedy, and one that The Professor will notably document at a later date, is that after having made it through the war and being shot down and escaping, "Vic's" entire squadron (21 men) were killed when the big Dakota plane carrying ferry pilots from Fargo, N.D.(USA) to Estavan, Saskatchewan (Canada) crashed killing all on board.

"The men in the machine were all members of No. 124 Communication Squadron, R.C.A.F., from Rockliffe, ON.

The men had been ferrying Cornell machines to the US from the Estavan airport. The machines had been used under the lend-lease basis for training during the war."

This is really The Professor's story to tell and once he has the time to sift through the amazing quantity of memorabilia and scrap-books that his recently departed mother kept, he will put things in order and what a story that will tell. Meanwhile, the people who man the museum in Hamilton are overjoyed to have the information and share accounts. So are we.

Photo credits:
Most of the photos were taken with my iPhone. Some are taken with The Professor's phone.
You have no idea how difficult the logistics are with a three year old in an aircraft hangar!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The morning after

In case you are in withdrawal from Dancing With The Stars ~ here's one for you. I also know there are plenty of you who are not on Facebook so this is for you too ~ not to be missed!!

This is such a HUGE body of work just fantastic.

This is one of the songs that Susy and Elliot's son Evan and his band The Moonwalks perform. Well, they don't exactly do the choreography, but the song is great:)

Hat Tip: Thanks to Tasha Shaw-Verbic for the post today on Facebook.
This version appears to be slightly different and just as amazing.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Getting a little closer

Every week we have been trying to gain the confidence of our three year old grandson Luca. Since moving to Canada four months ago, he has gone from 0-60 in terms of his communication and independence. He's truly a "daddy's boy", but now that he may be in love with his pre-school teacher Miss Jenn, there has been a noticeable shift in his allegiance :) Little by little we have inveigled our way into his routine and last week, he didn't look back when we picked him up from gymnastics and headed off to the zoo.

The zoo in November is wonderful on many levels. There was virtually no one there. Actually, we even wondered where the animals were. Most things are closed down, but the lack of crowds and bustle make it a perfect place to visit if you like the animals that can weather the climes here in southern Ontario. The penguins and the polar bears have no problem being outside. We were prepared with scarves and hats and mitts, so we sauntered along and did a lot of talking and gazing at the wonderful expanse that is the zoo. Luca had a wonderful time and he and Papi are as thick as thieves now. Mamère was very disappointed that the battery on her big camera wasn't functioning properly that day, but she did have here trusty iPhone. That's why the photos are a little sketchy, but you get the idea. The little train that takes people around the perimeter of the zoo was closed. All but two of the restaurants were closed. The big gift shop was closed. Only the hardiest of animals were outside and even then, they were sleeping in the sun or otherwise looking the other way....we saw a lot of "bear butts!".... It was still a WONDERFUL day, almost like having the zoo all to oneself. We have a membership so despite the trek to get there, it affords about 8,000 steps of healthy outdoors. We were not out of the parking lot before Luca was asleep. We drifted home into the sunset with Rachmaninoff playing on the radio. I had tears in my eyes at the beauty of it all.

Next week. The airplane museum in Hamilton. Got to get things done before the snow flies!!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Monday, November 16, 2015

Run Run as fast as you can.....

If you are very, very lucky, one day you might be invited to the Gingerbread Cottage.
When you arrive, the Gingerbread Lady has probably made you your very own apron for making Gingerbread boys and girls.

There will likely be bowls of really yummy Gingerbread all ready to roll out with wooden rolling pins

....and a whole bunch of Gingerbread people excitedly dancing around on the counters, waiting to be chosen!

BEST of ALL, the Gingerbread Lady is there....totally decked out in guessed it...Gingerbread jewels!

Grab a buddy to start the process of rolling and utilizing the most space to get the most cookies....and learn from an expert

Even if you are rarely seen in a kitchen or baking anything, you too can learn the subtle art of Ginger-People. Trust me, if this one can do it, ANYONE can!!! There must have been some magic in that apron she put on!

If you happen to be a three year old with VERY fine motor control, you can spend literally the entire time decorating your cookies! Miss Bowie did just that. See those few little sprinkles on her smiling lips???

There is a very old story that goes along with all of this fancy baking. If you are very, very good, after all the baking is finished, the Gingerbread Lady might also read you the story and sing a little song.

I'm not sure if this Gingerbread Lady is magic or not, but she sure is wonderfully generous with her time and her talent and full of fun. She makes the Gingerbread Man come to life for sure and we all know that he was delectably tasty!

With many thanks and much love to Ma Soeur for an enchanting afternoon. As my Grandson so eloquently said as we were departing..."Can we come again next week???

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Another important date

Gordon Lightfoot has done his duty to historic events in this country. Forty years ago this week, the Edmund Fitzgerald sank to the bottom of Lake Superior, carrying 29 men to their deaths on Nov. 10, 1975.

Monday, November 9, 2015


Back in the country. The trip home from Ottawa included a slight diversion through Lanark. We spent a lovely afternoon with cousin Alta and dined in style at Wheeler's Pancake House. I love hearing the stories and getting caught up with family who continue the tradition of small town living ...the place of my ancestors. Up the road, my mother's birthplace Balderson, ON. Arguably some of the best cheddar in the world!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

An important date in Canadian history

The Last Spike of the Canadian Pacific Railway was the ceremonial final spike driven into the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) at Craigellachie, British Columbia at 9:22 am on November 7, 1885.

Friday, November 6, 2015

It's all about da shoes

It's all about which shoes have to wear to pull off the outfit. N'est pas?

I was told by Bonnie to go and get these immediately. Skechers GO walk. That was because I was moaning about footwear and walking and how I really DO need to walk, but these were actually recommended and despite a fairly narrow foot, with high arches and crazy heel spurs they work! I LOVE THEM.

That's why, despite my misgivings of the pattern, I also got these.....bonus they were all on sale!!

The next pair I totally blame on "Carol from Kansas". That's what I call her. This is how she rolls

If "Carol from Kansas" recommends something, you can be sure it's triple rated. If Carol could also convince her sisters Dottie and MaryAnn that these shoes were fabulous, you can be sure that they are. I have looked high and low to find the 'Pegasus 32'....they have to be 32. I did find one pair but they were orange. I had to think about that despite it being Halloween. I found a light blue pair in Ottawa and a PINK...just like Carol's on line. When I find a pair of shoes that I am so enthusiastic about, I try to get at least two pair because YOU KNOW they are going to change the model next year and I want 32!!! They work. You'll love walking anywhere and there are air vents in them as today's 100 kilometer winds proved.

This next pair I will blame on Marcia. Not directly as she wasn't with me at the time, but we both got the same black loafers a while back and mine are done. These are the replacement for loafer-ish shoes for every day comfort walking. Ecco and very very comfortable. I know Marsh will want them when she sees mine.

This last pair was the reason I went shoe shopping in the first place. What do you wear when you know it might be rainy it could be cold, you need a dressy flat because in all likelihood you will be standing for hours - on concrete. These ARA flats did the trick.

So there you go. My advice on footwear to get you through all situations. Many thanks to my friends who advise me on such critical issues and make my life a whole lot easier.