Sunday, November 29, 2015

A very good cause

This is the darling little quilt that I won in an auction through The Workroom for Syrian refugees. Debbie devised a wonderful in-store and online event with a super result for the cause.

This little piece, donated by the brilliant Johanna Masko has finally found an antique "yard" stick to hang from. It has a place of honour at the top of the stairs for now, but will likely have to find an area where it will not be affected by light. Every time I ascend or descend the stairs I have to have a look at each little square. No matter how many times you linger you always find a new surprise. I hope this will the the inspiration for a new paint job to the house!


  1. Hmmm .... I'm thinking that it looks perfect with the current paint job. No need to re-paint the entire house. :-)

  2. Forget what the professor has to say about this! He knows a lot about a lot, but colour is not his area of expertise. Remind me to tell you the colour used out in Mill Bay BC. It might just be the enhancement required for this lovely piece.