Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Another important date

Gordon Lightfoot has done his duty to historic events in this country. Forty years ago this week, the Edmund Fitzgerald sank to the bottom of Lake Superior, carrying 29 men to their deaths on Nov. 10, 1975.


  1. I was surprised when I heard that it was only 40 years ago. We studied the song when I was in Grade 6. Forty years ago ( well, it must have been 39) ! When I was in grade 6, I thought that the event was old, and I thought that the song was old! Anyhow, I have remembered all of the lyrics for almost 40 years. And I have had recurring nightmares of death by drowning for over 40 years.....

  2. Martha. In 1976 I was in Geneva Switzerland while the Professor was working on his Post Doc. Gordon Lightfoot appeared at the Montreux Jazz Festival and we had our nephew and niece visiting us that summer. We were in the front row and the second song "Gord" sang was the Edmund Fitzgerald. We too always thought it was about an old event. Today we were listening to Sixties on Six in the car and heard the whole story! Apparently Gordon Lightfoot attended a memorial today in Detroit and there is another version of his song that names each person on the ship including the captain. We've always felt an attachment to Gordon Lightfoot from our own 'olden days'. Hope you will not be affected adversely by this post :)