Sunday, November 22, 2015

Getting a little closer

Every week we have been trying to gain the confidence of our three year old grandson Luca. Since moving to Canada four months ago, he has gone from 0-60 in terms of his communication and independence. He's truly a "daddy's boy", but now that he may be in love with his pre-school teacher Miss Jenn, there has been a noticeable shift in his allegiance :) Little by little we have inveigled our way into his routine and last week, he didn't look back when we picked him up from gymnastics and headed off to the zoo.

The zoo in November is wonderful on many levels. There was virtually no one there. Actually, we even wondered where the animals were. Most things are closed down, but the lack of crowds and bustle make it a perfect place to visit if you like the animals that can weather the climes here in southern Ontario. The penguins and the polar bears have no problem being outside. We were prepared with scarves and hats and mitts, so we sauntered along and did a lot of talking and gazing at the wonderful expanse that is the zoo. Luca had a wonderful time and he and Papi are as thick as thieves now. Mamère was very disappointed that the battery on her big camera wasn't functioning properly that day, but she did have here trusty iPhone. That's why the photos are a little sketchy, but you get the idea. The little train that takes people around the perimeter of the zoo was closed. All but two of the restaurants were closed. The big gift shop was closed. Only the hardiest of animals were outside and even then, they were sleeping in the sun or otherwise looking the other way....we saw a lot of "bear butts!".... It was still a WONDERFUL day, almost like having the zoo all to oneself. We have a membership so despite the trek to get there, it affords about 8,000 steps of healthy outdoors. We were not out of the parking lot before Luca was asleep. We drifted home into the sunset with Rachmaninoff playing on the radio. I had tears in my eyes at the beauty of it all.

Next week. The airplane museum in Hamilton. Got to get things done before the snow flies!!

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