Friday, November 6, 2015

It's all about da shoes

It's all about which shoes have to wear to pull off the outfit. N'est pas?

I was told by Bonnie to go and get these immediately. Skechers GO walk. That was because I was moaning about footwear and walking and how I really DO need to walk, but these were actually recommended and despite a fairly narrow foot, with high arches and crazy heel spurs they work! I LOVE THEM.

That's why, despite my misgivings of the pattern, I also got these.....bonus they were all on sale!!

The next pair I totally blame on "Carol from Kansas". That's what I call her. This is how she rolls

If "Carol from Kansas" recommends something, you can be sure it's triple rated. If Carol could also convince her sisters Dottie and MaryAnn that these shoes were fabulous, you can be sure that they are. I have looked high and low to find the 'Pegasus 32'....they have to be 32. I did find one pair but they were orange. I had to think about that despite it being Halloween. I found a light blue pair in Ottawa and a PINK...just like Carol's on line. When I find a pair of shoes that I am so enthusiastic about, I try to get at least two pair because YOU KNOW they are going to change the model next year and I want 32!!! They work. You'll love walking anywhere and there are air vents in them as today's 100 kilometer winds proved.

This next pair I will blame on Marcia. Not directly as she wasn't with me at the time, but we both got the same black loafers a while back and mine are done. These are the replacement for loafer-ish shoes for every day comfort walking. Ecco and very very comfortable. I know Marsh will want them when she sees mine.

This last pair was the reason I went shoe shopping in the first place. What do you wear when you know it might be rainy it could be cold, you need a dressy flat because in all likelihood you will be standing for hours - on concrete. These ARA flats did the trick.

So there you go. My advice on footwear to get you through all situations. Many thanks to my friends who advise me on such critical issues and make my life a whole lot easier.

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  1. Now why did you have to go and get me looking at those ARA shoes? I am pretty sure I need at least one pair of them.