Monday, November 16, 2015

Run Run as fast as you can.....

If you are very, very lucky, one day you might be invited to the Gingerbread Cottage.
When you arrive, the Gingerbread Lady has probably made you your very own apron for making Gingerbread boys and girls.

There will likely be bowls of really yummy Gingerbread all ready to roll out with wooden rolling pins

....and a whole bunch of Gingerbread people excitedly dancing around on the counters, waiting to be chosen!

BEST of ALL, the Gingerbread Lady is there....totally decked out in guessed it...Gingerbread jewels!

Grab a buddy to start the process of rolling and utilizing the most space to get the most cookies....and learn from an expert

Even if you are rarely seen in a kitchen or baking anything, you too can learn the subtle art of Ginger-People. Trust me, if this one can do it, ANYONE can!!! There must have been some magic in that apron she put on!

If you happen to be a three year old with VERY fine motor control, you can spend literally the entire time decorating your cookies! Miss Bowie did just that. See those few little sprinkles on her smiling lips???

There is a very old story that goes along with all of this fancy baking. If you are very, very good, after all the baking is finished, the Gingerbread Lady might also read you the story and sing a little song.

I'm not sure if this Gingerbread Lady is magic or not, but she sure is wonderfully generous with her time and her talent and full of fun. She makes the Gingerbread Man come to life for sure and we all know that he was delectably tasty!

With many thanks and much love to Ma Soeur for an enchanting afternoon. As my Grandson so eloquently said as we were departing..."Can we come again next week???


  1. That gingerbread looked good enough to eat. Well done, the gingerbread lady is very generous with her time and her talent. What a magical afternoon.

  2. My favourite way of spending the day; elbow deep in cookie batter. Looks like everyone had a good time.