Sunday, December 20, 2015

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This year for the annual food drive, The Professor and I had Luca round up a big bag of food from the pantry to take to the local firehall. After much discussion about his misgivings of donating "his" spaghetti to less fortunate children, he was assured we would refill the cupboard and off we went to visit the fire trucks.

Can't say enough about the crew that greeted us a fire station 115, just up the road. They allowed Luca to "drive" in the front seat and then check out all the other areas where the guys ride. The big boots at the ready were a bit daunting, but the fire hose was a total hit. It's a pretty big deal when you are three and the firemen totally celebrate your excitement and welcome you to come back when the ladder truck is in the bay, home from it's check-up. Of all the things we have recently done with him, this was his most favourite activity. He now proclaims he will be a fireman when he grows up. You have to be big and strong - so eat your vegetables!

All photos with The Professor's phone. Thanks for sharing Papi!

Photo Credit: Mississauga Fire Dept.

Home again to the cozy basement and playing in the toy box. It was a great afternoon.

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  1. Can't wait to see you next and sing you a "Fire Song" to share with Luca, and another by the exact title of this post. What a wonderful visit. I know a few who would love to do the same. We will get on that in the new year.