Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Last week

One of my New Year's resolutions, of course, was to get back to this blog. Like everything else, I'm behind. For some time, I have been threatening to accompany Jane on one of her many business trips to New York or Chicago or any other place I really like. She called my bluff, so last week, off I went to NYC. I now have a new perspective on business travel, how hard my daughter works and how much fun this was. I don't mind being on my own in places I have some semblance of, but I do not like sleeping in hotels alone. This arrangement worked out perfectly.

Unlike those in the business world who rise early and are out and doing, I was able to take my time and saunter around the city with no encumbrances (read: The Professor's itinerary). Tuesday at the Met for the day, Wednesday on Broadway and Thursday up and down 5th. Avenue to the Library passing St. Patrick's Church and Rockefeller Center.

I took along my big camera, but to be honest, it was so cold and windy that after a day of lugging it around I was content with the iPhone. So here we go. Come along to NYC and I'll try and get these photos sorted out a little each day.

Strolling through The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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