Friday, January 8, 2016

Memory Lane

Today, as the Professor and I finally get around to taking the tree and Christmas decorations down, we had a little moment. I turned on iTunes and was running a playlist and this Hal Ketchum song came on. Larry noted that undoing the decor is almost as pleasing as putting it up, but with a slightly different soundtrack. With each piece there is a specific memory and as this music floated along in the dark afternoon, I remembered that it was exactly 6 years ago at this time that we were in Belgium and Zoë had just been born 3 days ago. This was in my film making days and I really hope no one tears down this video for music infraction. I hate when they do that. Hope you can quickly view it again. Little Zoë and her newly minted parents.

Note to Jane: I think we are both still wearing those coats!!! :)

If you are trying to view this on a phone or ipad it probably won't display. It requires Flash to work. Sorry. Computers only.


  1. Oh ma soeur, that had me shivering and in tears. What a wonderful memory and how talented you are to have it all on film. It is sensational and I do remember it, but it seems even more meaningful now as we see how Zoë has developed, and MOVED TO CANADA!!!! What great dancing Jane and Michael, and ma soeur, I am so pleased that you and Jane still have the same coats!!! Take them off with you to New York next week; you may need them. AND, mother and daughter have a total blast so deserve this time together. Thanks for returning Jane with your dear family. Love, Tante Helene

  2. Wow what a great movie, I was in tears too. It reminded me of our family, and my Grandchildren. We are lucky to have so much love in our families. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Cute little trip down memory lane, loved it.