Saturday, February 13, 2016

Cosy with Crazy

It's a very cold day today and nothing will warm us up more than revisiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the quilt collection. This is a snapshot of one CRAZY quilt. To be sure. This is only one quilt in the collection, but worth a close look at the intriguing way it is put together and the craziness of the entire piece. Stay warm and cozy today wherever you are!!

This Crazy Quilt label reads:

"Crazy quilts, a fad in the last decades of the nineteenth
century, were most commonly pieced from irregularly
shaped bits of velvet and silk.  This exuberant quilt is
far more unusual, since its unknown maker chose to
craft it from brightly patterned cottons.  The cottons 
create an album of fashionable, though inexpensive
fabrices of the 1880s, including Egyptian Revival and
Japanesque designs, children's handkerchiefs, and
pieces of "cheater" cloth - fabric that was printed to
imitate patchwork.   One of the handkerchiefs, printed
with playing cards, is inscribed "ORIENTAL PRINT
WORKS, APPONAUG, RI."   It is possible that this
mill produced many of the fabrics found in the quilt."
Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

This last photo shows the binding used on this quilt. This is my favourite section. Inspiration.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Such talent

Yesterday I was being a sloth. Lying around, watching movies ~ snoozing...taking a day off. By night time, I was, of course, wide awake. Tuned in to the Late Late Show with James Corden (my new favourite) and saw Charlie Pluth. What a talent this kid is!!! By the way, for the record, he explained the slash in his eyebrow. It is NOT a fashion statement, rather a scar from a really bad dog bite when he was two years old. He does not condone his fans shaving their brows in his likeness.

I will share the link to the song he sang on the show and after some research to find the official video I came across another one of Charlie and Emily Luther. I had not been aware of these two, but they are now on my playlist. Pretty courageous to do an Adele cover. I like it better than the original.

In case you are celebrating "Pancake Day" and taking a snow day here in southern Ontario, this will give you something to do :)