Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Such talent

Yesterday I was being a sloth. Lying around, watching movies ~ snoozing...taking a day off. By night time, I was, of course, wide awake. Tuned in to the Late Late Show with James Corden (my new favourite) and saw Charlie Pluth. What a talent this kid is!!! By the way, for the record, he explained the slash in his eyebrow. It is NOT a fashion statement, rather a scar from a really bad dog bite when he was two years old. He does not condone his fans shaving their brows in his likeness.

I will share the link to the song he sang on the show and after some research to find the official video I came across another one of Charlie and Emily Luther. I had not been aware of these two, but they are now on my playlist. Pretty courageous to do an Adele cover. I like it better than the original.

In case you are celebrating "Pancake Day" and taking a snow day here in southern Ontario, this will give you something to do :)

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