Thursday, April 21, 2016

Happy 90th. Birthday, Your Majesty

History in the making

The Queen with her great-grandchildren and two youngest grandchildren, from left to right: James, Viscount Severn and Lady Louise, Mia Tindall (holding purse!), Princess Charlotte sat on the Queen's lap, Savannah Phillips, Prince George and Isla Phillips.

Photograph: Annie Leibovitz/Getty Images

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cannot wait

Tonight is THE night. OUTLANDER is back. I cannot be more excited. The only disappointing thing is that it is airing on Sunday evening when everything else seems to be airing. My t.v. watching schedule has a bland space between "Dancing With The Stars" on Monday night to "The Amazing Race" on Friday....nothing. You could say that I should space out my Sunday night "faves" but I just can't do it! I'm way too curious.

There is another problem with my t.v. watching. If I even dare to recline on the sofa after dinner, I immediately fall asleep and miss all the shows ~ hence a very full PVR. In order to combat this 'condition' for my upcoming marathon, I decided I would refer back to Carol From Kansas and make something fairly "Outlander-ish". In my most recent Workroom class I inquired about the Rowan Felted wool, and Suzanne, the owner of Knit Stitch just happened to have some in her inventory. She very kindly supplied me with the requirements and I will endeavour to stay wide awake whilst knitting a poncho in "Antique". It's all working out.

My latest class at The Workroom. VISIBLE mending. More of an art form really and I love the possibilities.

"Call the Midwife"

"Madame Secretary". I love Téa Leoni's glasses.

"The Good Wife" ~ Julianna Margulies is great but him ?!?!?!? YOWSA!! Jason Crouse aka Jeffrey Dean Morgan

If you haven't watched "Grantchester" you probably should. Just saying.

Mr. Selfridge (Jeremy Piven) is not my most favourite, but I do like the period and story line

Since the weather is still threatening to be like this tonight, I feel confident that I have enough to do and watch to keep me busy and happily occupied.

Oh Yes!
I'm reading THIS

Very good so far.....