Friday, May 6, 2016

The mad obsession of now

WARNING!!! Taking classes at The Workroom may lead to serious addictions....of the best kind.

Two classes ago, one of the participants revealed a quilted "wip" (work in progress) bag fashioned from Ghastlie fabric. She actually ended up gifting us all a Ghastlie 'hoop bag' filled with an accessory case and mason jar pin cushion!! We were also inspired by her epic creation of an entire LARGE quilt made from "Hexies". If you are interested, there will be a class offered at the workroom in said "Hexies" the end of May. As I will be traveling at that time the schedule just didn't work out for me.

By coincidence in the next class I attended ~ "Visible Mending" one of the participants very generously shared her expertise, findings and results with me which has morphed into this latest magnificent obsession.

I started out by following The Zen Of Making. This young woman has made an enchanting little "Hexie Pouch" in which to store all of the gubbins needed for making Hexies on the go. I will be traveling later on this month and really love to have a hand project, so this worked out perfectly.

In the midst of cobbling together all the necessities to pull this off, I actually unearthed a few spectacular finds deep in the bottom of the studio cupboards. The silly little table top ironing board which I have never used, but never dared to throw out, is perfect for the quick presses on the dining room table where I always end up crafting. Read: best light in the house. Along with that was a pressing cloth which I mistook for something entirely different, but damp, is exactly what is required in this effort. I can no longer get along without a bottle of "Flatter" by Soak, when sewing things. The smell (Celebration) is intoxicating and adds to the already addictive-ness of the venture not the mention it's stellar flattening results and management of fabrics.

The biggest find of all was the iron. My mother collected irons for all occasions. She always took an iron while traveling with all the converter plugs etc. in a travel case ~ this I can finally part with as hotels always have them included these days. She also had irons for their stays in Florida and for some reason, by the look of my cupboard, seemed to buy a new one every year. There was one, still unpacked in it's box. It's a pretty odd relic that has now been named "The Beast". No squared end on this baby, you can reach all corners at all times in all positions. The dials are super easy and it has an automatic shut off, which is a feature I treasure these days.

Card stock for hexies, fusible interfacing, patterns, scorers, crochet hooks, rulers, rotary cutters...

Another great suggestion was the paper punch from Michaels for perfectly shaped paper hexies every time. 

A really fun find at the recent Oakville Quilt Show of some purple fabrics to add to the creation.

So here's how the pouch looks when flat and open.  I altered the closure and added a button and elastic instead of a snap. 

The side view showing the accordion pleats forming interior pockets.

The pattern calls for two Altoid tins to hold little bits and pieces.  I happened to have a very aptly named tin that fits perfectly in the same pocket although I do love Altoid tins and will incorporate at least one in the finished project.

Many thanks to the very inspiring and helpful young women at The Workroom. You always make every class an adventure and a challenge. Cheryl and Michelle you are so generous, inspiring and hard working. Love.

And that's a wrap!

A special shout out to Haley Pierson-Cox "Zen of Making" for her English Paper Piecing Tutorial and Diane "Craftypod" for her book "All Points Patchwork". ""Hexa Go-Go" by Tacha Bruecher is also a great resource.

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  1. All fabulous and most inspiring. Love that iron...leave it to Mother Jean to have the best!